I have taken many assessments…This was personal and was easy to understand its concepts
John J. Whalen, MD

John J. Whalen, MD

Chief Medical Officer at GLG Pharma, LLC

Success story for John J. Whalen, MD

Curt Sprouse, and the team at EurekaConnect recently helped us by assessing our management team, at GLG Pharma. Although I had worked with several members of the team for several years, the Behavioral Dynamics program identified a number of factors among each of us that I had not realized were limiting our ability to work at top efficiency and effectiveness. In my career in industry, I have taken many assessments and participated in many management improvement programs. This program was personal and was easy to understand its concepts. . I found it identified several non-productive traits in me, that were very accurate, and which I have taken action on. GLG Pharma will continue to use the EC program to recruit and develop talent. Curt and His team have become a great asset and a pleasure to work with.

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