This was one of the most useful exercises I have been involved in
Janet Christoff

Janet Christoff

Regional CRA Manager at Seattle Genetics

Success story for Janet Christoff

I first met Curtis when he was giving a presentation on Behavioral Dynamics at an industry conference. Following the conference I connected with Curtis and completed the three assessments used in the program. We then met to discuss the results of my Individual Development Plan (IDP), which I later shared with my manager. This was one of the most useful exercises I have been involved in as it gave concrete examples of my behavioral traits, my skills and areas for development. The profiles reviewed are detailed and include such items as nature/nurture profiles,motivation, listening, conflict, engagement, attitude, coachability and political profiles. The profiles provide a way to focus and effect change in a positive way. I have already changed some behaviors based on the assessment and in the future hope that all the members of my team will be able to complete their IDP and share with the team to improve performance and increase understanding of each individual on the team

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