...it showed the ECBD was working as intended and created a faithful copy of myself which I could discuss, understand and improve, the whole

Marc Vives Enrich

Masters of Science in Precision & Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation at University of Aberdeen

Success story for Marc Vives Enrich

To those whom it may be of interest, It is my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation for the Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship's (IBE) Certificate Program headed by Mr Curtis Sprouse. I was offered the opportunity to attend the IBE London 19 Program this past May and I can confidently state that it was a well invested time. There are certain factors on the program I would like to highlight two points which I believe contribute to my positive impression of it. 1) Although I have not formally undergone any other Entrepreneurship program, I grew surrounded by company CEOs and entrepreneurs which allowed me a glimpse into this world. Therefore, I can state how the program covered a broad range of topics which an entrepreneur would encounter during the process. Moreover, the lecturers boasted both Industry & Academia experience which not only allowed them to have a vast knowledge to impart on us but also great presentations skills. In particular, Mr Curtis, Mr Gregg Fairbrothers and Mr Rob Mayfield. Furthermore, there was a definite focus on developing each participant on its own right. 2) Emphasising deeper on that last point, the EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics (ECBD) program played a key role. The series of tests the participants underwent prior to the IBE London 19 developed a personality and behavioural pattern which was later explained and expanded upon during the corresponding lecture. Likewise, one could also opt to attend a private meeting with Mr Curtis to further develop their profile and understand oneself deeper and better. I did attend that private meeting. On the one hand, it was a hard meeting as both he and the profile hit the nail on various topics which I have always struggled to overcome and would be very pleased if I could pretend they were not there. On the other hand, it showed the ECBD was working as intended and created a faithful copy of myself which I could discuss, understand and improve, the whole goal of the program, improve. I am glad I took it, it has definitely helped me put into perspective a few aspects of myself and have a better chance of working on them. Finally, I would like to invite whomever is reading this recommendation to attend the IBE & ECBD Programs and discover for yourself if you would enjoy and learn from it

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