19 interpersonal skills every manager needs

People or interpersonal skills, also known as “soft skills” include things like negotiating, morale building, and maintaining relationships. In addition to technical skills, these soft skills are considered necessary skills for all successful leaders to possess.

ResourcefulManager, a website that is dedicated to helping managers become more effective at their jobs, notes that “Technical aptitude and business savvy aren't worth much if leaders don't have the people skills to execute them." An article written by ResourcefulManager lists 19 of these soft skills that they think all leaders should have, as well tips to hone them.

First is the ability to listen. The best communicators are not only skilled at putting their own thoughts together, but they are also great listeners.

“We tend to associate being the loudest voice in the room with power and control, but successful leaders understand the importance of listening to others’ thoughts and ideas,” according to the article, which suggests giving a speaker your undivided attention while taking notes, reserving judgment, and being open to opinions. From there, the article notes other more obvious skills, including communicating, while delving into perhaps slightly-less-obvious ones, including nonverbal communication and the delivery of bad news.

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