Executive’s take: Adapting to new styles of leadership during tough times

Thriving in turbulent and transitional times in the workplace can be difficult. This article by Kevin Lee, VP, Head of Design at Visa, which is part of a series in which professionals share stores on how they lead in times of turmoil or growth, offers some tips on how lead a major company with great success.

The article offers four major tips, the first of which is to turn off your ‘”turn by turn navigation feature and let your team, particularly middle management, guide the way. One of the most difficult jobs as an organization leader it to maintain a macro view of everything, but keep track of all those micro details that help you make the most informed decision for your organization, suggests Lee.

This can lead to an implicit behavior of evaluating and assessing each project with your own lens. It is important to recognize talents within your own team, particularly those who are leading teams, or a project as creative lead, and let them help define or redefine the course of action. This is the time where you need your top talent to step up and utilize their leadership skills, which by believing in them, you are helping to develop.

Lee offers this takeaway after the first tip: “It's important to tell yourself that you don't need to be the one driving the car, as long as the car is headed towards the ultimate destination.”

In the next tip, Lee says that increase two times the focus on hiring talent to rebuild the capability and capacity. Learn more about this tip and the others here.