Five ways to avoid burnout in middle management

When an employee steps into a middle management role, it will shift their perspective and responsibility. Here are some ways, offered by Peter Walsh, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Harvard Business Publishing, to enable your new middle manage to become the best leader possible, without burning out.

Responsibilities will often flow from the top down to middle managers, particularly as organizations are getting flatter, and oftentimes these managers are not receiving the proper development training that they need to handle these responsibilities. A recent Harvard Business Publishing study shows that less than 30% of organizations felt that development programs had evolved to match the changing needs of middle managers. In addition, more than two-thirds of companies indicated that they felt the need to entirely revamp their middle manager development programs.

As a result of increased responsibilities and insufficient development leads, middle managers can burnout. The 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report shows that 79% of business and human resources leaders worldwide think they have a significant retention and engagement problem. To address this issue, Walsh has compiled a list of five ways that companies can retain middle managers, including tips on training and development that they will need to cope with heavy responsibilities.

The first suggestion on the list is to start developing leaders earlier in their careers.

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