How to retain your top employees

Sandrine Ennis is the President and Founder of Talentstream, a national recruiting agency and firm. Many of the clients she works with, she explains in a post on LinkedIn, are understandably happy after identifying and hiring a “rockstar” employee to fill an empty position on their team.

But in finding that person who is perfect fit for a job comes the challenge of making sure that they stick around for the long haul. The first method that Ennis suggests is perhaps the most obvious. That is, providing financial incentive for your employee to stick around. This extends beyond just the salary you are able to give them, however. One way that was worked well for many companies is offering a signing bonus.

For this to work, the bonus must be substantial—one that makes a difference in your employee’s life. Make it so that if the employee leaves within the first year, they have to pay the bonus back. For many employees, this would be tough, so this option will keep them sticking around and will hopefully make it so that the employee is there for a year, and hopefully longer.

The second of the four tips provided by Ennis is encouraging individual creativity. To stay ahead in the ever-changing, innovative Internet age, employees need to encourage their team to pursue ideas that may be outside the box. Read more about this idea and the others by clicking here.