Mar 26 '20

Navigating corporate leadership during a global outbreak

In addition to devastating the health and well-being of the global population, COVID-19 has had severe negative impacts on economies and individual organizations. So much so that Goldman Sachs estimates that global economic growth will be zero in 2020.

That being the case, companies still need to find a way forward. But how could executive leadership teams have possibly had a plan in place for such events? The answer is, they didn’t. As a result, leaders must move quickly and decisively to meet budgets or keep from completely falling apart. Management consulting firm Korn Ferry surveyed its global experts on how leaders can help their organizations thrive during this time of uncertainty and came up with a number of takeaways.

First, the article suggests that employees don’t want to know how much the virus costs the company. Instead, experts say workers want to feel they’re in the same boat as the boss. In times like these, leaders must rely on the opinions and decisions of other people, especially when the cause of the crisis is outside of their area of expertise.

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