Nine tips for inspiring others in the workplace

An article written by Runa Bouius, an expert in management consulting, takes a look at WHY some people do what they do, and how that leads to inspiration for themselves and others.

Bouius, a CEO and “Conscious Leadership Advisor,” cites a recent study done by the Center for Creative Leadership called The Challenges Leaders Face Around the World: More Similar than Different, which says that inspiring others is one of the six top challenges that leaders struggle with. This study supports the idea that inspiring others is not an innate gift for most leaders, but needs to be learned and honed like any other skill.

She says that the “intangible inspiring of others is an inner skill that doesn’t receive the same focus in leadership development as the more easily measured outer abilities,” and that this might explain why there are so many leaders in the world who find it challenging to be successful influencers. Because of this, Bouius has compiled a list of nine keys that she used successfully along her own journey to inspiring others.

First on the list is knowing the aforementioned “WHY.” When a clear is clear on the beliefs that form a vision, the cause gives others the feeling of meaning as they join a collective purpose. From there, at number two, Bouius suggests aligning values. Make sure that the values of an organization are aligned with a leader’s highest personal values, and then surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

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