Q&A: Scott Flamm, MD, MBA, Head of Cardiovascular Imaging, Cleveland Clinic

With an eye toward developing the most comprehensive and productive conference as possible, I recently interviewed Scott Flamm, MD, MBA, head of the Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory at the Cleveland Clinic about the September 2015 EurekaConnect Executive Forum (ECEF), as well as the follow-up event this coming spring.

The purpose of this article, and hopefully future articles with other industry experts, is to get feedback from different perspectives that we can share with other members, as well as prospective members, and to improve upon the event in order to maximize its effectiveness for all.

From your perspective, what was accomplished in September ECEF meeting in Boston?

The September, 2015 Executive Forum laid the groundwork to develop a new framework for a more integrated and collaborative approach to biopharma development and translation to the clinical arena.

How do you believe this initiative will change the industry landscape?

Enhanced networks between and among greater sets of stakeholders – from angel investors to venture capitalists to industry and government, and beyond – should foster greater leverage of complimentary resources to accelerate identification of the most fruitful potential agents, and catalyze their advance through the funding, development, and translation processes.

Why is the ECEF different from other initiatives?

By embracing the greater spectrum of stakeholders and developing best practices along education, scientific recognition, financing options, and operational enhancements, the ECEF is driving the most comprehensive approach to making highly effective translational medicine a reality.

What are you expecting at the April 2016 meeting?

The September, 2015 ECEF meeting laid the groundwork, and developed our initial goals in establishing the collaborative. The upcoming 2016 meetings should put “flesh on the bones”, and draw the core constituencies into defined effective groups.

The second ECEF meeting will take place April 14-15 in Boston at the Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel. The meeting will facilitate executive networking, update participants on the progress on education and investment opportunities, and provide working sessions that will give participants the chance to shape the ECEF approach.

If you are interested in the event, please contact Shana Reed,

View the ECEF 2016 Agenda.