Seven tips to boost emotional intelligence

In my article this month, I discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and social acumen. Within Emotional Intelligence is something we label Social Acumen, defined as the ability to connect and care, and the combination of goodwill and social skills. Both goodwill and social skills are learned behaviors, so we can choose how much we care, and thus get to have a say in the depth and quality of connections we have with those around us, and those we may meet in the future.

Emotional intelligence overall is quite important. It ranks in the top 10 skills needed to succeed at work, even more important than IQ, according to 71% of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder. A November USA Today article asked five experts for their best tips on increasing emotional intelligence, and the article provides seven recommendations, beginning with the potential of therapy.

“Find a therapist who is empathetic and has a high ability to connect and understand you,” says David Puder, a psychiatrist at Loma Linda University’s Behavioral Medicine Center in the USA Today article.

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