The EurekaMoment podcast with Curtis Sprouse is here!

Curtis Sprouse

By: Curtis Sprouse

May 2020

EurekaConnect is very proud and excited to bring you the new EurekaMoment podcast. What is the EurekaMoment, and why will you be interested in listening? It is a chance for you to learn about people with interesting and extraordinary lives. It is a chance for you to learn from their experiences and be entertained by their stories.

For more than 30 years, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many extraordinary people. They have amazing accomplishments, yet most of them are people with whom you might be unfamiliar.

You may find their stories interesting because they are regular people who have been able to make a difference. They have innovated, led, contributed, taught, founded, supported, and participated in initiatives that have produced great successes and great failures.

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What is most interesting is how their lives and stories can be defined by growth and balance. In our behavioral work, EurekaConnect has focused on leadership and how personal and professional development require individuals to grow and develop into extraordinary leaders and contributors. We teach development focus that produces relevant materials change that helps people grow and develop relative to five key themes: Love, Health, Spirituality, Work, and Play.

What I realize after having interviewed close to 20 people in preparation for the launch of this podcast is that there is an underlying theme. These people love what they do, they love and appreciate all aspects of life, and they are multi-dimensional with varied interests and passions. These people care about others and they constantly strive to make a difference.

It is possible to achieve great things without balance. I have seen many leaders have great runs, but one thing I have never seen is a person that achieved success without balance and was able to maintain it for any significant period of time and or enjoy the success. As I talk to my guests on the podcast, I realize that I admire them and invite them because these people make my life richer. They are in many cases people I have gotten to know and now call friends.

The format is a discussion. In the beginning I inquire about how people got started, what their path was, and what EurekaMoments changed their path. How did various planned and unforeseen events shape their lives from a positive and negative perspective? As the discussions go on, we will dive into a broad spectrum of topics covering many aspects of life. I love to learn from others and now I have the opportunity to expose you to some of the people that have taught me many incredible life lessons.

Please join us for the EurekaMoment. Please share our program with your family, friends and colleagues and let us know what you think. This is a growth experience for us at EurekaConnect and we are committed to bringing you interesting people and stories that will be informative, interesting, entertaining and relatable to you and your life.

>>> Check out our new podcast here