Tips for being successful and achieving more

Some people get more done than others – a lot more, suggested LinkedIn influencer Jeff Haden, ghostwriter, speaker, and magazine contributing editor. While these people do of course work hard, they also work smart. Specifically, they work smarter and harder than their peers while possessing a few key qualities that have a major impact on their performance.

First, these successful individuals will do their work in spite of disapproval or ridicule. “Work too hard, strive too hard, appear to be too ambitious, try to stand out from the crowd…and the average person resents you,” he said. Instead, it’s much easier and more comfortable to dial it back and fit in. However, pleasing the “average-performing” crowd is something that these highly productive people don’t worry about. Yes, they may think about it, but they will carry on with business-as-usual. They will also be able to take the criticism, take the potshots, and endure laughter or derision, but they measure themselves by their own standards and in the process, they achieve what they want to achieve.

Secondly, these successful individuals accept that fear is an expected element in the process, in the sense that being scared before a big meeting or a public speaking engagement can be a daunting task. Instead of letting it overcome you, do what it takes to move forward.

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